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Unleash your Highest Performance

In order to truly succeed in business you need to have energy, concentration, focus, a winning mindset and, above all, supreme management of your emotions. These are among the skills and toolset found in the DeROSE Method.

Keiron CTO and Entrepreneur

It started off being mainly a physical practice that built core strength, it developed into a mindful practice that is developing a core strength of mind and fostering an emotional balance in daily life. Physically it has increased my core strength and stability that has helped improve my performance as a triathlete. It has become the cornerstone of my meditative practice stilling my mind and help me get in touch with my intuition when dealing with life. The ability to quiet my mind & look beyond surface emotions helps avoid reactivity. Enjoy being around likeminded people focused on the good in the world and achieving an amazing quality of life.

The pressures and demand on a sportsperson are unique. The demand for consistency, for technical perfection under duress can be crushing. The DeROSE Method provides the tools for Athletes and Sportspeople to unlock their maximum. Combining a physical, technical, mental and conceptual work we are able to manage stress, improve performance and consistency as well as improve the quality of life of our members.

What the DeROSE Method brought me was more focus and the ability to be more critical, rather than emotional, about what was happening in the race car. It was great to sit at my cockpit after our work and see the results of emotional management. I feel that I owe part of my 2013 title to the DeROSE Method.

ChristianRace Car driver
MX-5 Cup winner 2013