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Why Mindfulness and Meditation are becoming essential?
by Gustavo Oliveira and Timothy Whiteside

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that you encounter daily? Even without seeking it out, we are presented with a LOT of data: news stories, travel information, mail, advertising, recipes, bank account numbers… computer screen after computer screen of information. If you resonate with this, you should know that you are not alone and that there is a good reason for one to develop a feeling of being overloaded when confronted with all this information at this point i...

7 Hacks to Enhance Your Mental Performance
by Gustavo Oliveira

Check out our new article that came out on BrainHackers portal! In this article I talk about 7 hacks for you to enhance your mental performance. I also cite a research of a neuroscientist from Paris who studies the DeRose Method and some of her findings. Access the link and share!

The 8 Factors You Need for High Performance in Entrepreneurship
by Gustavo Oliveira

The publication Nativa World just published an article with one of our partners/experts in DeRose Method. The article is about the eBook that Gustavo Oliveira wrote, The Entrepreneurial Mind. The book is about the DeRose Method applied to entrepreneurship. In his entrepreneur book he writes that to live life fully and to perform at our best we need to identify conditions and factors in order to extract our abilities and skills and then put them into practice. Click the link bellow to access...

Studies Show the Way You Breathe May Influence Your Mind
by Gustavo Oliveira

What impact does the depth and rhythm of breathing have on your mind? If it does have any effect, can it help you improve your business or your job performance? Click the link bellow to access the full article of one of our partners (a DeRose Method expert) that was published in RPRNMag, an entrepreneurial online magazine.

4 Simple Ways to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence - article with us in
by Gustavo Oliveira

Today published an interesting article with us. How the DeRose Method can help you improve your Emotional Intelligence through 4 simple and effective ways.  Click to read it!...

2 Common Mistakes When Managing Emotions
by Gustavo Oliveira

Let’s admit it, you all had struggled to control your temper, and at a certain point you lost the handle on it and let it all flush out. You and your emotions are the dual of the bullfighter and his bull, and you better dodge the bull every time to avoid any damages. The truth is, most people learned to manage their negative emotions internally by repressing them in their mind, but a lot of you don’t realize the powerful notion of the negative emotions can actually be used in your fa...

2 Reasons Why You Know, But Fail to Do
by Gustavo Oliveira

You and I both know that we could have saved the $2.95 we just spent on a Starbuck Latte today, instead we still ended up standing in front of a Starbucks barista waiting for our drink. All of us know that diet and sleep can be just as important as exercise for a healthy habit, anyone in the process of weight losing should actually consider emphasizing more on diet than exercise. (hopefully, you guys already know that) Lastly, you probably know what the rest of this article might lead you to, ju...

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