2 Common Mistakes When Managing Emotions by Gustavo Oliveira

Let’s admit it, you all had struggled to control your temper, and at a certain point you lost the handle on it and let it all flush out. You and your emotions are the dual of the bullfighter and his bull, and you better dodge the bull every time to avoid any damages. The truth is, most people learned to manage their negative emotions internally by repressing them in their mind, but a lot of you don’t realize the powerful notion of the negative emotions can actually be used in your favor. There are many articles, video, and contents on tools of effectively manage your emotions, but they lack incentives on getting people’s initiatives and preservation to stick with the tool. What I want to offer you guys in this article is some insights on the basis of negative emotions and two common mistakes of containing it, perhaps a little advice on how to handle them too.

Repression, the act to keep under control, check, or suppress any feelings or desires one might possess, is one of the most common approaches when someone is dealing with negative emotions. As human beings, we have our own unique way of understanding the world and proceeding with our emotions and knowing how to manage them can be very powerful. But to fully manage your emotions, one has to give up the unique identity of his/her characteristics. So the alternative people use is to repress the negative emotions, but the repressing of emotions can’t effectively prevent the emotions to emerge in the near future. Avoiding your emotions never makes them go away and makes it more difficult for you to manage a similar situation that may happens in the future. The two most common mistakes people make when repressing their emotions are imploding and exploding.

Hold It All In

One type of extreme way of handling your emotions and mood is to implode them, to internalize your feeling until you reach the breaking point. Workers who internalize their feeling of anger and stress will bottle up their emotions until they no longer can contain them, thus the breaking point comes. Any individuals with no healthy outlet for their long time built up of frustrations tend to implode their emotions. The internalization of the anger can lead to increased fatigues, struggles to focus, poor performance, and will be noticed by an increase in gray hair. Similar to the process of imploding a large building down in the city, a person is being torn down internally by his negative emotions, ultimately leads emotionally and physically breakdown.

Let It All Out

With the same approach of repressing your emotions, the consequence can also result in the exploding of the negativities. One who externalizes their anger will spew out his emotions in a rage after reaching the breaking point. While this person might not express his anger to his surrounding, his inner rage can take him further than he intended. At the breaking point, the person will explode all his negative emotions to his surroundings. Scenarios involving business opportunities lost or damages of friendships are typical outcomes of this external release. Relationships with friends, lover, the family are all impacted because of this exploding off the negative emotions.

Coming to this conclusion, both imploding and exploding the emotions shown to be ineffective ways of handling your personal emotions. The solution to handling the emotions correctly would be to transform the energies of negative to a notion of something positive through techniques and methods. Any person could still manage their emotions by imploding or exploding them, but implementing a comprehensive method can open you to a new potential. With all the strength and energy emphasize on the negative emotions, you will need to learn to point this effort into a new right direction, something positive. By effectively channeling the emotions and energies to something else, individuals can enhance their life of quality and performance.

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