2 Reasons Why You Know, But Fail to Do by Gustavo Oliveira

You and I both know that we could have saved the $2.95 we just spent on a Starbuck Latte today, instead we still ended up standing in front of a Starbucks barista waiting for our drink. All of us know that diet and sleep can be just as important as exercise for a healthy habit, anyone in the process of weight losing should actually consider emphasizing more on diet than exercise. (hopefully, you guys already know that) Lastly, you probably know what the rest of this article might lead you to, judging by the title, but I guarantee you can make a difference when you decide to finish reading the rest of this article.

Knowledge is one of the most precious wealth an individual can possess, but knowing how to apply it and put it into action is equally important as to possess it. I assume all of you are familiar with the statement I just made, so one might then ask why are some more successful than rest of us? Obviously, there are multiple factors that go into it, but one that allowed me to success is actually quite simple, the act of doing or applying the knowledge into all the daily activities we do in both work and life. Some of you might question what are the holdbacks of keeping one from applying all we know into action is, and the reasons are quite simpler than we assume. To keep this short, I have done the work of researching the reasons and they are in the following!

We as human beings like to follow a fixed routine of life and work, so we tend to stay in our comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with remaining in one’s own comfort zone, especially when we live in a society that constantly changes and progress. Ironically, it is the comfort zone that will slowly annihilate our desire to progress and success. Inside a comfort zone, our mind and body are going to adapted to all situations and residing in the zone too long will lead to the low excitement of our surrounding. By getting out of your comfort zone, you start to challenge the way of thinking and more importantly it forces you to apply your knowledge into action. This comfort zone dilemma is not the only one reason that limits your potential, but also the society put a refrain on your ability to progress.

We follow the norms that are created by people in the society, and we became accustomed to the behaviors that are appropriate according to the society. Individuals find it difficult to behave without following these rules and end up merging themselves with the society. Successful people in our society has left their own footprints on the path of achieving their goals. These creators, perhaps pioneers understood the structure of the society and took their own courses of action to make difference.

At this moment I must point out one key takeaway of this passage to you guys: knowing is not going to get you anywhere, it is ultimately the act of doing that will push you closer to your goals.

The distance between this theory of knowing and act of doing proved to be a struggle for average people to reach. There will be a process of learning the more efficient way of living and changing the habits in our lifestyle. Luckily, there is a method to bring your mental clarity to this problem.

A teaching that allows the users to come to full awareness of their mental state and the environment surrounded them. There is absolutely no need of intimidations when confronting this problem since a comprehended method can save you from all the stress. The difficulty of overcoming this issue of not taking a firm action against our knowledge can be solved when a fully practical method is installed.


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