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MEDITATION: Learn meditation, focus and mindfulness

What is meditation?

Much is said, but little is known about what meditation is. Dictionaries define meditation as thinking or reflecting on something which is exactly the opposite of what is said in the Eastern philosophy that created this technique. The most authentic definition of meditation is: the act of not thinking. It is to totally silence your mind. This is not as simple as it seems. When you try to silence your mind, many obstacles arise spontaneously. But, with effective training, meditation becomes simple and achievable for everyone.



Why meditate?
8 Top Reasons

When we act under the influence of emotions, we do not reason so well, we act without thinking. But even when we think, we also make a lot of mistakes. Just remember how many times you missed a simple math calculation. The human mind tends towards dispersion and is cluttered by nature, especially when we are under pressure and stress.

1- FOCUS THE MIND: Imagine if you could effectively concentrate and stay focused on the tasks and moments that matter the most in your life, generating a higher quality of work and the annihilation of procrastination.

2- HANDLE YOUR EMOTIONS: Imagine if could better understand your emotions, learning to tame them in order to develop a powerful emotional intelligence and good human relationships. These are skills that are highly valued in the business world and for leadership positions.

3- REDUCE STRESS: Imagine if you could silence your mind and manage your stress at levels suitable for a life of quality and achievements. 

4- MENTAL CLARITY: Imagine if there was a method for training your brain so you could develop your potential; a simple, practical, objective training to gain more mental clarity for  making better decisions at work and in your personal life. 

5- INCREASE AWARENESS: Imagine that you could increase your awareness of everything you do allowing you to be more present at all times, especially in the moments that matter the most, such as being with your family. 

6- MASTER YOUR INTUITIONS: Imagine that you could master your intuition and apply it to your life, to every single moment where you make choices that will affect your relationships, health, work performance and ultimately your happiness. 

7- PERFORM AT FULL POTENTIAL: Imagine if you can have more awareness about your own behaviors, emotions and mindset so that you will be able to reshape your choices and perform at full potential.

8- INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY: Imagine how all this together would spur your professional results, producing a high performance at work and in life.

How to meditate?

Our approach to meditation is very comprehensive, efficient and easy to learn. Meditation is difficult to achieve if you do not address body comfort and the management of emotions. At the Brain Academy, we recommend a comprehensive approach to address your physical, mental and emotional aspects so that you will be able to silence your brain waves and achieve meditation properly. We use techniques to improve your breathing, body comfort, and ability to relax, as well as visualization and focus techniques.


A proven-method with 58 years of experience

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Outcome #1
Enhance your focus and mental clarity

Neuroscientist, Sara Lazar, from Harvard University has done extensive research on the effects of meditation. Using brain scanners, what she found really surprised her. Meditation actually modifies your brain.

The practitioner of meditation increases the size of the brain's gray matter in some regions such as the sensory cortex, which increases your ability to become more present in life and to be more self-aware. It also increases the frontal cortex that is responsible for memory, focus and better decision making. The researchers also realized that the practitioner of meditation gains a greater ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

It’s known that the frontal cortex decreases with aging, but a 50-year-old meditator has a frontal cortex with the same size as a normal 25-year-old person.

As a conclusion, the study showed that 2 months of training are enough to begin increasing certain regions of the brain.

Outcome #2
Stress management + high performance development

Stress is best managed through meditation training. The psychologists Yerkes and Dodson developed a powerful theory correlating brain performance and stress. In the picture bellow, it is shown that the absence of stress generates apathy and boredom which reduces professional performance of the person due to lack of stimuli. At the same time, it shows that a lot of stress over time generates a series of health problems that decrease the professional performance of the individual. The problems generated by chronic stress are in increasing order: irritation, anxiety, fatigue, burnout.

So, for your brain to operate at high performance levels, you need to relieve your stress. Meditation is powerful in this regard.

Are you ready?

Well, if you want the same results as our students have, without complications and through a practical and easy way, then it's time for you to be part of our Method.

TESTIMONIALS What our members are saying

"It started off being mainly a physical practice that built core strength, it developed into a mindful practice that is developing a core strength of mind and fostering an emotional balance in daily life. Physically it has increased my core strength and stability that has helped improve my performance as a triathlete. It has become the cornerstone of my meditative practice stilling my mind and helping me get in touch with my intuition when dealing with life. The ability to quiet my mind & look beyond surface emotions helps avoid reactivity. Enjoy being around likeminded people focused on the good in the world and achieving an amazing quality of life."

Adam Stone Asset Manager at BNY Mellon

"What the DeROSE Method brought me was more focus and the ability to be more critical, rather than emotional, about what was happening in the race car. It was great to sit at my cockpit after our work and see the results of emotional management. I feel that I owe part of my 2013 title to the DeROSE Method."

Christian Szymczak Race Car driver MX-5 Cup winner 2013

"At the moment, training the DeROSE Method is a way of stopping time and space, slowing down the pace of my life and concentrating on the best tool I have to make things happen in my life, my mind and my body. Through the application of the method I can start controlling my outer and inner me and therefore developing a strong shell that makes me feel capable of achieving any goal in life."

Jaume Alguersuari Music Producer and Former F1 car driver

"My father always told me that you are a sum of those you surround yourself with. Ever since I began training the DeROSE Method, my focus, discipline and energy has increased substantially this has allowed me to start my business with more ease and clarity. I thank him and the methodology for helping me achieving one of the biggest goals of my life, I became an entrepreneur and I own a science company."

Monique Garraud Scientist and Entrepreneur

"A complete system to create and maintain peak performance, happiness, and fulfillment. A tool in life to help me reach my goals by making sure my body & mind are in their strongest, clearest, and optimal condition. It gives me strength, clarity, focus, awareness and confidence. It also gives me not just physical but theoretical tools to face the challenges that come up in life. The Method really stands out in my life as fundamental backbone in my ability to achieve anything and everything."

Edward Zaydelman Entrepreneur and Founder of Puerta a la Vida


Meditation and mindfulness are here to stay, in 2017 they exploded onto the scene. It’s time to fully understand what meditation is, what makes it valuable and why corporate executives, entrepreneurs and athletes are incorporating it into their daily routine.

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Stress is the psycho-organic state produced by the gap between the individual's potential and the challenge they face. To manage stress, the DeROSE Method increases the practitioner's energy levels to raise their potential and empower them to face the challenge from the top down. 

Stress itself is a good thing. Without it, human beings would be vulnerable and lacking the aggressiveness necessary to fight, work or create. Stress is only bad when it is excessive, i.e., it never stops or is excessively frequent. 

Between one psychophysical alarm and another, individuals need to be able to recover from this state of extreme organic and mental tension. To do so, one would need to experience this state of tension less frequently and/or possess specific techniques to minimize the generalized fatigue resulting from excessive stress. Excessive stress can produce a chain reaction of side effects such as infarction, high blood pressure, migraine, insomnia, depression, nervousness, decrease in productivity, hair loss, reduced immunity, herpes, digestive problems, ulcer, gastritis, sexual impotence, back pain and the worst side effect of all health problems: medical bills!

Simply reducing stress is enough to alleviate side effects, which any treatment would rarely be able to truly cure definitively. The treatment would be merely palliative or masking the symptoms.

DeROSE Method is one of the most efficient resources for reducing stress to healthy levels. For this reason, there are many entrepreneurs, executives, politicians, artists and professionals who are seeking the DeROSE Method for the extra dose of energy and dynamism they need, while simultaneously managing stress.

Ninety percent of people feel the effects of stress management after their first session.

THE ATTITUDE By Gustavo Oliveira

DeROSE Method Teacher
Director of DeROSE Method TriBeCa

I have always been intrigued by the fact that some people can achieve higher performance levels than others. I know that at a base level we are all intrinsically equal. But why is it that some business people and sportsmen can reach unique heights?

I grew up watching Formula 1, where drivers such as Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher displayed incredible performances. I was in awe as I watched Kelly Slater win 11 World Titles. As I completed my studies and started to delve deeper into business I observed and tried to learn from Steve Jobs, Jorge Paulo Lemman, and DeRose. The commonality was above average results.

As time passed, my professional and sporting experience expanded, and I realized that there was "something special" about the most successful people. As I grew more successful, I was lucky to have experience with many successful people from whom I learned, almost by osmosis, a series of lessons. I learned a lot by reading their biographies. All this knowledge was augmented and expanded as I practiced and benefited from the DeROSE Method.

Through all the accumulated experience and lessons, I was able to become an accomplished professional. Consequently, when I started to give lectures and teach courses, many people asked me how I could manage so many activities. How did I have such success while maintaining a fulfilling personal life? It was because of these questions and to share these insights that I created the courses "High Performance Method" and "10 Attitudes for High Performance". As I gained more insights, I also wrote text such as the one you are reading now.

In short, what I concluded was that while we all have similar potential, it is the inner attitude and the attitude towards what you face that will push you above the average. We can observe that, for example for high performance athletes, the physical and technical training is extraordinary. Amongst business people, the intellectual training is very intense. But the competitive advantage for all lies in the emotional and mental training of the individual. The training which consistently forms a differentiated inner attitude that ensures above-average (or extraordinary) results.

As a result, I have collated a list of the main actions and attitudes that we must develop to achieve High Performance. The more of these elements that are present, the better the results.

- Focus and concentration;
- Creation of archetypes;
- Personal motivation;
- Mental and emotional Mastery;
- Self-study;
- Contentment;
- Self-Surpassing;
- Commitment;
- The Cumulative factor;
- The Associative factor.

I hope that this text can be a useful resource for you to find the path that will lead you to the accomplishments of your dreams.



Focus your mind, maximize your performance, cope with pressure, and perform at your best.


Develop your full potential at work and in life through a high performance training.


Adopt a method that improves your strength, flexibility, and vitality intelligently.